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How to leverage courage throughout your career

Hi there -

Welcome to my site! I wanted to introduce myself.

I am from Atlanta (born and raised), attended Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL, and only majored in Finance because my mom was the first in her family to graduate and she had majored in Accounting. Truly an experience of “becoming the examples set before me.” This led me to a career in investment banking, then into corporate consulting, and finally, to the hallowed halls of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

What probably drew you to contacting me are the ‘massive leaps’ I’ve been able to take over the years.

A few of my massive leaps to date include:

  • Attending a historically black institution ---> being the only Black woman in my investment banking analyst class

  • Mastering my experience in debt capital markets on Wall Street ---> starting an entirely new career working in corporate public relations and crisis management (with no background)

  • Doing the same things in my banking role for 2 years ---> working on 20+ different accounts during my public relations years from industries as wide-ranging as mining to global non-profits

  • Promoted to Account Director at the PR firm ---> attending the number one business school in the country, where I was named a 2019 Berman Scholar

These leaps are simply a few of the transitions I’ve made in my career over time, and you’ll find a throughline - COURAGE.

That’s it. It took courage for me to leave Alabama and move to a city I truly didn’t know.

It took courage for me to leave a job (actually, I’ve done this twice) after I’d proven that I was excellent and decided to take on a new challenge.

It took courage to quit it all and leave for business school for two years, with no guarantee of success, especially as I am a graduate of the Class of 2020, struck by a global pandemic.

Everything I’ve done takes courage. I hope to pass that forward to you.

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